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Unplug and Get Out There






Welcome to the Unplugged Parent Blog!

Why Purple?

Why make STEM kits more attractive to young girls?
And why are STEM activites outside school so important?

Studies show that girls are facing some pretty big hurtles when in STEM fields but here at Unplugged Explorers, we are dedicated to empowering our youth and especially our girls!

Learn more about why we decided to create our Lavender Purple Explorer Kit and how you can help inspire the next generation of leaders.

Our First Pick for Little Explorers:
Why An Explorer Kit?

The very first product our company ever created was the Kids Explorer Kit in sunshine yellow. But why?

When we started Unplugged Explorers, it was with a specific goal in mind; we wanted to offer kids healthy alternatives to the growing wave of digital distractions they face every day.

Learn about our efforts to ENCOURAGE, EDUCATE & INSPIRE

Why Teach Navigation Skill?

Kids love nothing more than trying to do what there parents can.
In our experience with kids, the more you can help them feel compitent as children,
the more ready and willing they are to attempt tasks as teens and adults.

Truely, ther are many reasons why we believe that putting a complicated
but safe tool in the hands of even a very young explorer can help build familierity
and confidence in their little hearts and minds.

For more information and links to our instructions, click below!

Explorer Kit FAQs

Q: What is the intended age range for the Explorer Kits?
A: Based on customer feedback, we estimate the kit to be best for kids between 3-12. The usefulness of some of the tools increases with the age of the user so older kids are likely to use it in different ways than a very young explorer would.

Q: How is a lensatic compass different than a normal compass?
A: A lensatic compass (also known as a military compass) is a precision instrument. When used with a topographical map, it can guide the adventurous off marked trails into wilderness areas with confidence. The lensatic compass gives you far more information than just North, South, East and West. It is used to set course bearings, orient ones self to a map and follow a course over land.

Q: Why doesn't the flashlight need batteries?
A: With most hand cranked flashlights, you turn the crank and it spins a magnet within a wire coil. As the surfaces pass each other over and over, electrons are pulled from the magnetic field, creating electricity. The electric charge passes through the wire coil to the storage device (either a battery or capacitor) which then powers the bulb.

Q: Do video games and screen time really pose much of a hazard to kids?
A: There are several studies showing that screen time can cause a variety of mental and physical related health problems. Increasing the amount of time our kids spend being physically active has been shown to improve mental AND physical health! We encourage you to search out and read the increasing literature on improving kids overall health my encouraging them to be active.

Q: How do we use the lensatic compass?
A: We have instructions here on the Parent Portal.


Lensatic Compass Instructions

Detailed instructions on how to use a lensatic compass
based on your child's age or ability level.

What's New at Unplugged Explorers?

We have so much NEWS!

We've been working hard to come up with new and interesting products and games here at Unplugged Explorers!
We recently released our BIG BUG KIT and everyone's loving it! We're the only kit on the market with a 5" telescoping bug net AND an incredible viewer that lets you look at the bugs from all sides, including their bellies! It's been a blast taking the kids out and having them try the different items from the new kit. Even our bigger kids have loved it.
One thing we worked hard to include was a clear set of instructions as well as a full color basic bug guide for kids. Check it out, it's pretty cute!

We are almost ready with an all new FREE Kids Nature Guide!
It has all sorts of information about animal tracks,
leaves and trees as well as common bird types
and how to recognize them.
You'll have the choice of downloading and printing
the guide or having us send one to your little
explorer in the mail!

Stay tuned!


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